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经典英文美文《诗意》朗读质料 适合英语初学者

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点右上角关注,获取更多免费学习资料。订阅【1元超值课程“跟MAX读英文”】试听【基础音标口语课程“玩转口语”】opened book in yellow autumnPoetry诗意文章详解And it was at that age 就在那时 Poetry arrived in search of me 诗意觅我而来 I don't know, I don't know 我不清楚,我不明确 Where it comes from 它从何方寻来 From winter or a river 或是隆冬,或是河流? I don't know how or when 我不知道它是如何,又是何时到来 No, they weren't voices 不,那不是声音 They were not words or silence 不是文字,更非寂静 But from a street I was summoned from the branches of night 那是陌头长夜不时的召唤 Abruptly from the others 突然间,它来了 Among violent fires or returning alone 在狂野炫目的烟火中,在寥寂归家的路上 There I was without a face and it touched me 我恰似渺茫而模糊,迷离中被它攫住, I didn't know what to say 无以名状 My mouth had no way with names 难以言述 My eyes were blind and something started in my soul 视线模糊,灵魂开始了异动 Fever of forgotten wings 灼热与被遗忘的羽翼 And I made my own way deciphering that fire 我试图诠释那一团火簇 Pure nonsense, pure wisdom of someone who knows nothing 于是我写下第一行苍白的诗句,苍白得缥缈,这只是胡言乱语,无知者的思想 And suddenly I saw the heavens unfastened 突然间我瞥见天堂打开了门锁 And open planets palpitated plantations 星儿迸出,在林宇间舞动 Shadow perforated riddled with arrows, fire and flowers 姿影婆娑,如箭,如火,如花 The winging night, the universe 起风的夜晚,苍穹浩淼 And I infinitesimal being drunk with the great starry void 眇小的我陶醉在这星光璀璨的长空 Lightness image of mystery felt myself a pure part of the abyss 轻盈神秘的影响中,我如九牛一毛 I wheeled with the stars 随着星儿一道旋转飘忽 My heart broke loose on the wind 心儿与风自由流放Daisy on a open book单词详解summon [ˈsʌmən]v. 传唤;召唤例:He summoned us to a room full of flowers and color where he talked about life's journey, reincarnation and release from pain.他把我们召集到一个充满鲜花和色彩的房间里,在那里他谈到了生命的旅程、循环和从痛苦中解脱出来。abruptly [əˈbrʌptli]adv. 突然地; 意外地例:Abruptly he walked away, ducking into his house without explanation.他突然走开了,一声不吭地钻进了自己的屋子。


decipher [dɪˈsaɪfər]v. 解读;诠释例:Those deciphering the symbolic meaning behind the painting say it has cast a new light on the life.那些解读这幅画背后的象征意义的人说,它为生活带来了新的曙光。plantation [plænˈteɪʃn]n. 种植园;林场例:You can see tree plantations all over the place with small agricultural strips of land and a few houses.你可以看到这个地方随处都是林场,另有小块农田和几栋屋子。


infinitesimal [ˌɪnfɪnɪˈtesɪml]adj. 极小的;眇小的例:It was a moment so infinitesimal that I almost didn't catch it, but I knew what I glimpsed.这是一个如此眇小的瞬间,我险些没有抓住它,但我知道我瞥见了什么。【资料大礼包】想要提高口语能力?却不知从何开始?关注李俊超老师,私信回复“资料”。即可获得逐日美文的视音频、文本以及更多免费资料。




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